One about mum… Pride and Predjudice BBC 1 September 1995

We watched it on the telly

We loved it P and P.

The opening credits with those rolling piano notes and embroidery.

Lizzie Bennett and Mr. Darcey.

We loved it P and P.

We looked forward to Sunday evenings,

 The children all in bed. That look over the piano.

We loved it P and P.


Mum was alive when it started, but dead by episode 3.

An ordinary death in so many ways,

But the death of my mum. I remember thinking,

Wow! She did it.

She would have loved it too, P and P.


We bought the video for Christmas

And introduced the kids to the wonders.

Connie, aged 5, made her friends watch it and laughed at all the jokes.

She loved it, we loved it P and P.


We still watch it sometimes to comfort and amuse.

I never forget that mum is dead,

But this is a good memory from that time.

We loved it P and P.