Dressing Room: Nutcracker 2015/16

Sitting in the blue

Chair, pretend to write haiku.

See I am ignored.

(Oh I wrote one!!)




Corridor, pausing.

Punch in the code, press enter.

Heart racing, no spit.




I wish I’d a thicker carapace,

I dear mine’s rather thin.

I wish I had a braver face

Not let the bugger’s in.


I ask for one show

And get given two

And then I have three shows

Whoop diddlee ooh!


A phone call, an email,

Missed messages; a to do.

I’m now back to two shows

Whoop diddlee ooh!


I’m fine and I’m happy

With the two shows I have.

Barb’s thrown her toys 

Right out of the pram.

Two shows and my name in the programme,

The high ground is my ground.